Happy Holidays


The Wise Team


Near or far, in snow and sunshine, we wish you all a happy holiday season and a very merry Christmas!


Creating a happy holiday during a pandemic has become a major topic in 2020. We’ve survived the summer of shutdowns and a myriad of regulations handed to us ever since, changing how we look at gatherings of any sort. Here are some Wise Tips to keep you in the holiday spirit:


  • Play Holiday Music!

Put on those classic Christmas carols on your music app and carry them around with you. Stream YouTube on your television and watch some holiday music videos. They have several playlists available. Set the mood for yourself, however you enjoy the holiday season, long night, cold mornings, and the hope of snow!


  • Cook Your Favorite Dishes!

Even if you don’t have your grandmother’s secret recipe for that amazing casserole, or it’s your first time attempting to cook the ham or the turkey, just do it! The process will give you a sense of reward, even if it doesn’t turn out just like grandma’s, and your house will smell just like the holidays.


  • Zoom EVERYONE!

Make sure you see everyone you love this holiday season safely. Host big Zoom or Skype calls with your family. Facetime your friends and have a holiday catch-up call. Spread some cheer to your Facebook buddies in a Chat Room. Make it a big deal by having an ugly sweater contest during the call or plan a meal with everyone. You can still have a gift exchange by encouraging invitees to have egift-cards to some of your favorite local brands. It’s important, especially this time of year, to keep in touch with your loved ones, and we have the technology to do it!


  • Decorate. And Decorate More!

After the music stops playing and the lights are down low you’ll want to see some holiday spirit in every way. The tree is up, sure, but have you strung lights around your windows? Or put garland around the drapes? Maybe you’ll find paintings of presents and Santa’s statue with snow; reindeer, and holy, and green mistletoe. However you dress your home as you go, keep it festive and bright for everyone you’ll show. 


It’s our deepest wish, and hope, and dream for this year that your holiday season be blessed with great cheer. 


Happy Holidays

From – The Wise Team