11 12, 2019

Sewer Scopes & Saving Money


✨Happy Wednesday✨ everyone! It's time for another #WiseTip -- and we're discussing one of the most overlooked inspections to be done on your home: A Sewer Scope. Keeping a regular eye on your sewer lines can save you a lot of money and hassle. https://youtu.be/XX9Ur6vRuA0

Sewer Scopes & Saving Money2020-05-21T18:42:54-06:00
6 11, 2019

An Exercise In Gratitude, Part 1


https://youtu.be/13547Ie8NKM ????Happy Wednesday everyone! It's time for another ✨Wise Tip✨ -- and this week we're talking about Gratitude as we come into Thanksgiving and the larger holiday season. One of the best ways to keep your spirits up is to be grateful and express gratitude!

An Exercise In Gratitude, Part 12020-05-22T19:36:36-06:00
2 10, 2019

What Will Home Prices Look Like Over The Next Few Years


https://youtu.be/faaw-L5ccu0 Are you watching the ????️housing prices????, waiting for the right moment in the real estate market to jump on your ???? dream home? This ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ we're discussing the potential home value growth over the next few years.

What Will Home Prices Look Like Over The Next Few Years2020-05-22T20:15:47-06:00
4 09, 2019

Don’t Fall Into The Rental Trap


https://youtu.be/UI8dkK2hBb0 ????‍♂️Do you feel like you're wasting ???? money on rent? Maybe it's time to consider owning! This ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ discusses the perceived benefits of owning versus renting. How are you feeling about your living situation?

Don’t Fall Into The Rental Trap2020-05-22T20:21:42-06:00
8 08, 2019

Buying A First Investment Property


https://youtu.be/gXxpTLNtujk Are you ready for to invest in real estate -- looking into purchasing your first investment property? We have a little advice to consider before jumping in. This Wise Tips Wednesday discusses the major financial implications of purchasing an investment property.

Buying A First Investment Property2020-05-22T20:37:19-06:00
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