10 07, 2019

3 Reasons People Are Selling


https://youtu.be/ihC4xBWdTe0 Are you interested in selling your ????home? What are your reasons for the change, the move, the new adventure in life? This ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ looks at the 3 most popular reasons people are selling their homes this year. When you're ready to get the process started, get in [...]

3 Reasons People Are Selling2020-05-22T20:52:21-06:00
19 06, 2019

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t FSBO


https://youtu.be/qnRcGPkMLMY ????It's Wednesday and time for another ✨Wise Tip✨ for your day! Are you thinking about selling your ????home? Let's discuss your options and see how we can get the most our of your property. FSBO is an option, certainly, but it has many hurtles to overcome in order for [...]

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t FSBO2020-05-22T21:03:03-06:00
29 05, 2019

Should You Buy This Year Or Next Year


https://youtu.be/BHSTYBteroA Are you looking at your finances and calculating whether this is the year to buy your home? This Wise Tips Wednesday I want to look at the differences in what homes may cost this year and next year -- and what that means for your monthly budget.

Should You Buy This Year Or Next Year2020-05-22T21:20:35-06:00
22 05, 2019

3 Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage


https://youtu.be/frPXin0Mr7M It's Wednesday. Which means it's time for another ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ and today we're discussing what to avoid when applying for a ????Mortgage Loan! Can you guess?! It has to do with your ????finances????! Watch our video for your Wise Tips and get ready for the next stage of [...]

3 Things To Avoid After Applying for a Mortgage2020-05-22T21:24:41-06:00
15 05, 2019

Invest With Equity


https://youtu.be/z6ZAcwQDzQ0 Have you checked the ????equity in your home? Do you have plans for your equity? This week's ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ we're talking about home equity! Don't let it sit there collecting dust like so many things in storage -- put your equity to use. Invest in property that will [...]

Invest With Equity2020-05-22T21:31:12-06:00
5 05, 2019

Title Insurance: What You Need To Know!


https://youtu.be/1-A-RtPnjBA ????Happy Wednesday Everybody! For today's ✨Wise Tips Wednesday✨ we want to get your caught up on why you need ????️Title Insurance when buying a ????property. Unlike other insurances, Title Insurance helps protect you from a property's past.

Title Insurance: What You Need To Know!2020-05-22T21:11:18-06:00
10 04, 2019

Bridge Loans


https://youtu.be/-Nuuow3qsGY It's Wednesday, which means we have another Wise Tip for you. Let's talk about what happens when you're Selling a Home, and moving in the process! This can cause a lot of uncertainty -- especially when there's a gap between buying your new home and actually selling your old [...]

Bridge Loans2020-05-22T21:51:46-06:00
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