30 04, 2021

April 2021 Real Estate Market Update


April 2021 Real Estate Market Update   Well 2021 is officially a seller’s market! If you have a property you want to sell, you’re looking at high selling prices and a buyers market that is hungry for options. We’re officially in the season when sellers typically rejoin the real estate market, [...]

April 2021 Real Estate Market Update2021-05-06T17:57:22-06:00
13 04, 2021

Support Local Businesses


Support Local Businesses   We’ve all been dealing with the menace of COVID for well over a year now. Local economies have convulsed under the pressure of our societal changes. Once stable icons in our communities closed their doors for good while hopeful start ups struggled through ever evolving regulations. Longmont, [...]

Support Local Businesses2021-05-06T17:49:15-06:00
3 04, 2021

Expecting the Unexpected


Expecting the Unexpected & Preparing For Them Homeownership comes with loads of responsibility, and we’re not just talking about bills, chores, and cooking. A home requires regular maintenance which, if you were renting, would be taken care of by property management. But with your house, you’re the manager. Unclogging the sink [...]

Expecting the Unexpected2021-05-06T17:53:44-06:00
26 03, 2021

March 2021 Denver Real Estate Market Review


Denver Real Estate Market Review March 2021   Denver is breaking records this year, but it’s not necessarily the right types of records we want to be breaking. Once again, the Denver Metro area has broken the record for month-end inventory numbers, an all-time low of 2,024 active listings to start [...]

March 2021 Denver Real Estate Market Review2021-05-06T17:45:22-06:00
15 03, 2021

Wise Tips For Staging To Sell


We’re getting back into the home buying season. The weather is warming, the ground is thawing, and plans are coming to fruition. Whether you’re moving out of town or liquidating some assets, Spring is typically when home sellers start thinking about putting their homes on the market. 2021 is proving to [...]

Wise Tips For Staging To Sell2021-05-06T17:40:36-06:00
6 03, 2021

Why Low Interest Means Rising Prices


Why Do Low Interest Rates Mean Rising Prices? We’re living in an age of amazing homeownership potentials. The Federal Reserve is leaving interest rates at all time lows for a record breaking amount of time in an effort to assist in economic recovery and growth. Ever since the rates dropped to [...]

Why Low Interest Means Rising Prices2021-05-06T17:38:24-06:00
28 02, 2021

February 2021 Real Estate Review


Denver Metro Real Estate Review February 2021   In stark contrast to last year, 2021 is starting off very slowly in the real estate market. Coming off the heels of a record breaking year, it looks to be a record breaking year of a different sort. Listings are down, sales volume [...]

February 2021 Real Estate Review2021-04-01T00:18:51-06:00
25 02, 2021

Prepping For Power Outages


Wise Tips For Prepping For Power Outages   In light of the disaster which unfolded in Texas this February, with power outages lasting days during sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, we wanted to give some Wise Tips for preparing for wide scale, long term power outages. You can do a lot [...]

Prepping For Power Outages2021-03-31T17:49:41-06:00
3 02, 2021

January 2021 Real Estate Review


We’re officially well off into 2021 with quite a year to have behind us. The housing market in the Denver Metro area saw growth in sales, despite limited availability and rising prices. December was not a great month. Sales plummeted with a similar decrease in listings. This is typical of the [...]

January 2021 Real Estate Review2021-03-31T17:50:26-06:00
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