12 12, 2023

Winter Gardening In Colorado


The leaves are changing (or gone!), our lawns are freezing, and the days are noticeably shorter. Such are the indicators of autumn’s reign and the foreboding of winter’s return. Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean you have to quit your garden. Did you know you can grow plenty of [...]

Winter Gardening In Colorado2024-01-30T11:13:36-07:00
9 12, 2023

What’s Happening To Short-Term Rentals


And How It Might Affect You. AirBnB - VRBO - Booking - Vacasa   By now you may have heard on the news or in conversations with passersby that the short-term rental market is suffering. Occupancy rates have been dropping throughout the summer. Autumn numbers are showing record low occupancy rates [...]

What’s Happening To Short-Term Rentals2024-01-25T09:36:06-07:00
1 12, 2023

Best Last Minute Holiday Shopping In Longmont, Colorado


Happy Holidays everyone!   It’s that time of year and the shopping craze has hit. Hopefully you have your lists ready and you’re well on your way to checking off all the gifts you need to get. We know how easy it is to shop online, but it’s extremely important for [...]

Best Last Minute Holiday Shopping In Longmont, Colorado2024-01-30T11:16:11-07:00
15 11, 2023

What Are Buyer’s Rate Buydowns


The real estate market is changing. As we reach year-end this year, Colorado is continuing to see a strong housing market, with prices continuing to rise year-over-year even though interest rates remain high. A good portion of closings are using a Buyer’s Rate Buydown to help mitigate the high interest rates [...]

What Are Buyer’s Rate Buydowns2024-01-25T09:27:43-07:00
5 11, 2023

Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review | October 2023


As we expect at this point every year, the market has taken its shift for the winter slow-down. Overall sales have dropped, new-listings are slowing down, and average days on market are increasing. This might sound like deja-vu, given the past few months of statistics, but the data falls within normal [...]

Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review | October 20232024-01-25T09:21:52-07:00
1 11, 2023

Renting Vs Buying In The Denver Metro Area 2023


The real estate market is changing fast. As we’ve been  saying for months now, the high mortgage rates are changing the way people buy and sell properties. Some areas are being affected more than others, but Colorado seems to be keeping hold on a healthy real estate market. This is continuing [...]

Renting Vs Buying In The Denver Metro Area 20232024-01-25T10:08:13-07:00
29 10, 2023

Comparing Cost of Living Colorado 2023


It’s been about a couple of years since we last looked at Colorado’s cost of living. With the valuation of homes in Colorado, stagnant high interest rates, and nationwide inflation, the overall cost of living is going up. The index, compared to the rest of the nation, is surprisingly steady year-to-year. [...]

Comparing Cost of Living Colorado 20232024-01-25T09:55:38-07:00
25 10, 2023

Navigating The 2023 Market As A First-Time Homebuyer


Housing Prices in Colorado are at a new normal. Coming into the holiday season this year, the average cost of a home in the Denver Metro Area is sitting at over $600,000. This is quite a start difference from a decade ago when the average cost of a single-family home was [...]

Navigating The 2023 Market As A First-Time Homebuyer2024-01-25T09:51:54-07:00
10 10, 2023

Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review | September 2023


If you had not noticed the shifting real estate market through the summer, September should have tipped you off. Many are hesitant to make predictions about market trends. Though several data points would lead one to believe that the housing market has reached its peak, there are nuggets that indicate a [...]

Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review | September 20232024-01-25T09:48:39-07:00
26 09, 2023

Shop Around For Mortgages


Shop Around For Mortgages Key Steps To Finding Your Best Loan   Purchasing a home is a monumental financial decision. Among the crucial aspects of this process is finding the right mortgage. A well-informed choice can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. You might not think [...]

Shop Around For Mortgages2023-09-26T12:05:53-06:00

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