29 03, 2024

Wise Tips For Home Sellers In 2024


The real estate market is going to be quite competitive this year. 2023 ended with sellers hesitant to list their properties for fear that buyers would not approach the high interest rates and high home valuations. In truth, many homebuyers delayed jumping into the market for these factors, opting to save [...]

Wise Tips For Home Sellers In 20242024-04-01T11:37:54-06:00
16 03, 2024

Affordable Housing Markets In The US


Homebuyers are always looking for affordable housing options. As costs-of-living, inflation, debt, interest rates, and other factors affect potential buyers home valuations continue to rise across the country. Colorado, especially, has high home valuations and high demand, which is slowly pushing most of the housing market out of “affordability” standards. This [...]

Affordable Housing Markets In The US2024-04-01T11:31:18-06:00
10 03, 2024

What Is Build-To-Rent?


Is Build-To-Rent For You? There’s a new trend in the real estate market that took off during the pandemic years and still holds strong interest for investors and, in some cases, potential homebuyers. As we watch the market continue to reach new levels of home valuations, inventory lows, and trepid demand, [...]

What Is Build-To-Rent?2024-04-01T11:27:37-06:00
24 02, 2024

January 2024 Denver Metro Area Real Estate Market Review


This year is starting strong throughout the Denver Metro Area. The Real Estate Market in Colorado appears to be on track for steady growth into the spring. With little change in the mortgage interest rates, both buyers and sellers appear ready to move our inventory. Across the metro, we’re still seeing [...]

January 2024 Denver Metro Area Real Estate Market Review2024-04-01T11:19:09-06:00
17 02, 2024

Colorado Weather Outlook for 2024


The Denver Metro Area has certainly had a nice winter this year. By all accounts, it appears the rest of our winter is going to continue on as it started: drier, warmer, with a final burst of winter weather as spring approaches. What does this weather mean for our Spring and [...]

Colorado Weather Outlook for 20242024-04-01T11:12:48-06:00
3 02, 2024

What To Expect In The Real Estate Market In 2024


The housing market of 2023 told a very interesting story. Most analysts believe 2024 will not be nearly as interesting. The Federal Reserve seems to be done hiking interest rates in an attempt to curb inflation. Housing valuations, however, continue to rise at a steady pace across the country (with few [...]

What To Expect In The Real Estate Market In 20242024-04-01T11:07:03-06:00
20 01, 2024

December 2023 Denver Metro Area Real Estate Market Review


What an end to an interesting year in the Denver Metro Area real estate market. 2023 will be a year to study, with mortgage rate increases, new laws for short-term rentals, and a general shift in the buyer’s market mentality. Many speculators worried that 2023 would be the beginning of a [...]

December 2023 Denver Metro Area Real Estate Market Review2024-04-01T10:52:06-06:00
12 12, 2023

Winter Gardening In Colorado


The leaves are changing (or gone!), our lawns are freezing, and the days are noticeably shorter. Such are the indicators of autumn’s reign and the foreboding of winter’s return. Just because the season has changed doesn’t mean you have to quit your garden. Did you know you can grow plenty of [...]

Winter Gardening In Colorado2024-01-30T11:13:36-07:00
9 12, 2023

What’s Happening To Short-Term Rentals


And How It Might Affect You. AirBnB - VRBO - Booking - Vacasa   By now you may have heard on the news or in conversations with passersby that the short-term rental market is suffering. Occupancy rates have been dropping throughout the summer. Autumn numbers are showing record low occupancy rates [...]

What’s Happening To Short-Term Rentals2024-01-25T09:36:06-07:00

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