Planning Your Spring

With The Wise Team


The weather is changing. Winter has come and made it’s impression upon us with beautiful sunny days in the 60’s and a few cold bouts with white blankets covering the roads. Soon it will be leaving us, and in true fashion will probably introduce us to a fake spring before dropping back down into sub-freezing temperatures. The transition to spring seems tumultuous at times, rocking back and forth between beautiful and cold (though cold does have its own sort of beauty). Regardless of the weather it’s good to start planning your Spring! In Colorado, Spring is truly a re-awakening of our passion for the outdoors.


Spring Cleaning!


After months of staying indoors because the sun sets too late or it’s simply not warm enough outside we often grow overly comfortable with the disarray. Now, looking around it may seem rather daunting to reorganize the piles, cabinets, closets, and storage. Don’t worry. Plan a good, bright weekend to do the dirty work. Draw out a generalized schedule to establish what rooms or areas you’ll work on throughout the day. Put on some music, open up the windows, and move slowly through your schedule smoothly. Take breaks often to keep your spirits high.


Preparing The Garden.


The taste of warm weather makes us want to garden. This is, of course, the fake spring – the interlude between long dark nights and consistently warmer weather. Coloradans know it’s not the time to do anything outside, but we can prepare for our springtime gardens. Draw out a plan for where you want to plant things: flowers, vegetables, or new trees and bushes. Once you have this figured out, do a little research about when it’s best to plant your selections in the ground in Colorado. Most planting should be done after Mother’s Day, but you can start seeds now for the earliest and hardiest plants.


Mountain Adventures.


The mountains are the show in Colorado. With fresh snow falling later in winter and into the spring skiing often remains available just a short drive away from the Denver Metro Area. Just the drive to the mountains itself is its own activity. The mountain views and quaint mountain towns offer vistas of nature to take your breath away. If skiing and snowboarding aren’t your thing there’s always other touristy things to enjoy: hot springs, ice castles, mine tours, and so much more! 


Start Household Projects for 2021


With the prices of homes rising quickly this year you may be wondering how to capitalize on your property. Take a look at your home’s curb appeal. Examine your kitchen with a critical eye. Consider the renovations you’ve always wanted to do around the house – both inside and out. Focusing on key areas when you want to work on your home is important for raising your home’s equity: outside curb appeal, the kitchen, master bathroom, and the bedrooms. These are the first areas homebuyers look and judge a home, and with the quick decisions homebuyers are making it’s important to have these areas in tip-top shape.


Colorado has much to offer in every season. With warmer weather just around the corner the itch to do things gets stronger. Don’t just wait for a nice day to get yourself started. Setting plans can help motivate you to accomplish those goals whether the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, or snow is falling. It’s also important to think about the fun as much as the work and keep both in your schedule regardless of the weather.