We’re getting back into the home buying season. The weather is warming, the ground is thawing, and plans are coming to fruition. Whether you’re moving out of town or liquidating some assets, Spring is typically when home sellers start thinking about putting their homes on the market. 2021 is proving to be a Seller’s Market, which is good news for you! We want to help you maximize your sale by giving you some Wise Tips for staging your home. Buyers enjoy seeing how a space is lived in. It’s vital to show your appreciation for the space you’re selling. These simple 


  • Curb Appeal. Stand out front and stare at your house for a little while. What might help make your home more appealing from the street? Flowers? Plants in the windows? Edging the grass along the sidewalk? Your house’s curb appeal is the first impression (aside from what buyers have seen online) and can make a huge impact on whether or not they are interested in buying.
  • Create A Flow. When you’re getting ready to show your home, make sure you walk through the house and see how it feels to move in and between the rooms. Maybe the couch needs to be moved so you can walk through more easily. Perhaps the bedroom is a little cluttered and doesn’t feel as spacious as it could. Maybe the kitchen table is a little too close to the windows. Focus on making the pathways inviting and comfortable. You want the potential buyers to move freely and experience each space as if they were living in it already.
  • Plants! If you don’t have plants in your house, pick up a few small plants to put on some of the surfaces. Bringing life into a home can leave a big impression on buyers: gives the feelings of growth, success, freshness, and, above all else, life! These plants don’t need to be expensive or big. Getting a bouquet of flowers is enough. Place them in an obvious place like the kitchen or coffee table. Smaller plants in the bedrooms are a really nice touch too.
  • Art & Pictures. Decorations are a pleasant addition to a home, but an overabundance of decor can be distracting or overwhelming to buyers. Keeping a few choice pieces on the walls or upon surfaces is good, but it’s best to pack away what you can in regards to art and photographs. Especially photos of the family. You want to inspire buyers to decorate the space in their head, which is why it’s best to just have a few pieces visible. 
  • The Kitchen & Bathroom. These are by far the two most important rooms to stage when it comes to selling your property. Make sure the bathroom has all the amenities available: towels, toilet paper, hand soap, floor mat, etc. A naked bathroom feels unwelcoming, but you don’t want it to be cluttered with decor either. As for the kitchen, make sure everything is well organized and put away. Buyers will be poking around in the cabinets and drawers. I would also recommend placing a bowl of fruit on the counter. One last thing: hide your sponges and cleaning supplies under the sink.
  • The Extras. Once you’ve staged things, start thinking about the extra little touches you can do to make your home feel like it’s lived in. Light a delicately scented candle (vanilla and cinnamon are typically best). Set out some bottles of water and chocolates or snacks. Write a little note that welcomes the buyers to your home and invites them to make themselves comfortable. Put hand sanitizer and tissues at the front door. Giving a little to prospective buyers can go a long way, and may create the sort of interest in your home that could lead to bidding wars and higher selling prices!


Ultimately consider your home as a show-space. No detail should be left untouched. No corner undusted. When you’re ready to list, get in touch with The Wise Team. We’re ready to help you in the selling process and advise you on the best way to get the most money out of the process.