Summer came with a blast of heat across the nation, breaking records all over the place. This isn’t discouraging Coloradans from getting out there and planning their summer gatherings! The trails are packed. The mountain drives are filling up. But most importantly, friends and family are getting together again. It’s time to start planning those gatherings, those picnics, and most importantly the BBQ parties you’re going to host! Here are some great BBQ ideas for your to serve from your grill:


    1. Grilled Watermelon – That’s right. Get a juicy watermelon, gut it up into thick slices, and slap it on the grill until you have nice char marx on each side. Add a little salt and pepper and enjoy. If you really want to spice things up add a little cajun seasoning. It makes the sweetness of the watermelon develop into a savory, meaty, juicy treat!
    2. Grilled Nopales – Otherwise known as cactus, is amazing when grilled with onions and other vegetables. Nopales introduce a tangy sweetness to your array of grilled veggies. You can find Nopales at the Save-A-Lot on Main Street. When preparing, use a potato peeler to remove the prickly spikes and skin, add a little oil, and slap it on the grill for a few minutes.
    3. Rattlesnake Sausages – If you get a chance to make it out to Hygiene and the market right there on 17th and N 75th St you’ll discover an AMAZING meat selection, including Rattlesnake Sausages. This tender meat makes for an interesting talking point while satisfying your guests!
  • Colorado Bison – When your guests are from out of Colorado, it’s imperative you introduce them to free-range Colorado Bison burgers. The rich, full-flavored meat is a treat for visitors. Warn them that the meat can be a little gamey, as these are free-roaming animals.
  1. Grilled Peaches & Pineapple with Ice Cream – A grilled dessert is a perfect way to end your BBQ party. Grill up some peaches and pineapple and add a little ice cream and you’ll have a perfectly grilled ensign to your meal.


What sort of BBQ dishes do you offer at your backyard parties? We love hearing about unique dishes and recipes for summer dishes!