Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you, your family, and all your loved ones! Since it’s the holiday season and gift giving is on the mind, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite gift ideas for new homeowners. Whether it’s their first first-time buying a home or their tenth time moving across the country, here’s a good list of gifts.

Traditional Gifts

  • Candles
    Candles are a great gift during the holidays, and not just for new homeowners, but all your friends and loved ones. They bring warmth and ambiance, and very often fantastic fragrances. They’re also symbolic of keeping the light of the sun during the darkest days of the year.
  • Air Fresheners
    That’s right, air fresheners – you know, for cars, bathrooms, or guest bedrooms! Stick to something light and fresh, as a general guide. If you know the person well, then you can decide to choose a specific fragrance.
  • Ornament
    What more classic gift than an ornament? I’m not sure, really. Try and find something unique that could remind them of you or the area into which they moved. Then every year they’ll have a little memory hanging on their Christmas tree.
  • Book
    Who doesn’t love a good book? For a new homeowner look for a great new coffee table book. Look for something about the local area As an example: for homeowners in Longmont, a guide to the scenic views of the Rocky Mountains would be great! Or if you’re feeling a little more jocular, maybe a funny book for the bathroom!
  • Winter Gifts
    Winter gifts are sometimes the most appreciated, even when we don’t realize it. Warm gloves, ice scrapers – an ice scraper that’s also a glove; hand/toe warmers, a warm scarf, comfy socks… They’re all gifts that keep on giving in the best way!
  • Calendar
    The most under-rated gift of all: a calendar. I say “under-rated” simply because we now believe our smartphones now host everything we need. But a good calendar can really inspire someone. Choose one that really speaks to you about the person to whom you’re gifting. Whether it be a desktop calendar, a wall hanger, or a hand-held planner there are tons of options that make each unique!

Contemporary Gifts

  • Toilet Paper
    Remember the Great Toilet Paper Shortage? Well, it seems almost comically appropriate to gift someone toilet paper ever since. Just make sure this new homeowner has a slight sense of humor, though they will totally appreciate the gift later!
  • Easy-Care Plants
    Plants may seem inappropriate, or even gauche, at times. The receiver of a house plant will often claim they just kill plants or have a black thumb. So the easiest solution is to choose an easy care plant: Pathos, Tradescantia, Aloe, Cacti, Succulents, or other low-light and drought resistant plants. OR: gift seeds to sprinkle in a garden/yard that will bring perennial flowers. I tend to choose the Hummingbird pack!
  • Sage
    Every new homeowner knows the feeling of settling into a new space. One way to clear out old energies and smells is to do a good smudging. So give a bundle of sage. There are several different types of sage out there – so do a little research and let them know what you chose.
  • Essential Oils
    Natural and organic essential oils are wonderful gifts! They work as air fresheners, bath oils, and perfumes. Some bundles focus on mood enhancement or health & wellness. It’s an easy gift to give.
  • Something Specific
    The best gifts are those chosen for the person, that speak to who they are or what they do. These can also be the hardest gifts to choose and find once you’ve set your mind to it. My favorite way to choose these types of gifts is to simply walk around local shops, browsing slowly and thoroughly until something catches my eye.

This is just a short list of gift ideas, not just for the holidays but year round! What are some gifts you might give someone who just bought a new home?