Beginning The Process

First thing’s first: You have to know when and where you’re moving. Work may be the driving force, having you relocate to fulfill your new job requirements, or perhaps moving closer to family has inspired this transition. No matter the reason, you have to know what’s needed to get you there. If you’re moving in state, or better yet in town, then the process seems easier. Moving to Longmont, or anywhere, from out of state can be a bit more of a hassle. Either way, once you know where you’re moving, and roughly when, you can really get the ball rolling by securing a home loan and contacting your realtor


You’ll want to let them know:

  • Where you’re looking to move.
  • Your price range.
  • What you’re looking for.
  • Everything you want from a community. 

When you work with a group like The Wise Team, you work with people who love where they live and get involved with the community. That’s why we’re the best!


Early Packing

Well now the move is planned. The wait, however, can feel daunting. Rooms are full of everything you own, the kitchen is still in constant use, and the dirty clothes keep piling up. Even with a big move in the near future, work still eats up most of the time and it can feel overwhelming to even plan packing – but it must begin. So start small. Think about the spaces and things you don’t use and put those into boxes. Clean as you go. As you wear clothing pack away the ones you don’t wear, the ones that tend to get pushed to the back of the closet. Then move to DVDs, books, hallway and bathroom closets, and all the extra activities that aren’t in use (games, camping supplies, gardening/outdoor tools, etc.). Soon you’ll see piles of boxes signifying the change of life. It’ll feel much easier and more enjoyable once you’ve started.


Finding A Place

This is definitely the most stressful portion of the journey. Regardless of how far you’re moving, finding a home post-COVID can be challenging. New regulations have shifted how realtors across the nation show homes. Most resort to strict schedules for showings, with limited time to look around, leaving some house hunters feeling insecure of their decisions. Others rely on Zoom and Skype calls to show off the house, and sharing countless photos of every nook and cranny. Some have amazing phone apps to help find homes in areas across the nation. Few, especially in smaller towns, rely on photos and the online listing to sell the property — and it works sometimes. But the hunt must continue until you’ve found a place. 


Once your new home is found you’re on the final stretch.


The Big Clean

The contract is signed. You’ve closed on your new home. Now it’s time to pack it up and move. Whether you’re selling your house or moving out of a rental to arrive in your new space it’s important to leave your current house clean. Not just for the next residents or the landlord, but for your own happiness and peace of mind. There’s a special sort of gratitude that blossoms within knowing you’ve shown your appreciation for the time spent in a home. So clean as you pack. And in doing so your personal items will be clean when you unpack! Leaving behind all the old dust from your old life. Walking away from a clean, empty home helps close that chapter in your mind and the minds of your family. When you arrive in your next home, the similar emptiness resonates with the bare bones of a home – waiting for you to fill the void with the warmth from all the boxes to be unpacked.


Moving Day

What bigger day is there than moving day? Ok, wedding day definitely. But moving day is a work out. It’s also a great way to say goodbye. Invite your friends and family to help. Order pizza, have a case of beer on ice, and play some music to help everyone stay motivated. Even though sadness may hit the heart and make you weary, focus on the fun and the excitement of the future, and a return to normal after living with boxes all around.


When you’ve decided to create a journey and begin moving, get in touch with us. Let’s make this experience fun, even with the natural stresses that accompany these big life moments.