So you’re moving, and considering coming to the great city of Longmont. Well, if you’re still humming-and-hawing over it worry no further. Here are many reasons why you SHOULD consider moving to Longmont.



When you think about moving to a new place what are some of the main things you think about? One of my main concerns, if I want to give it such a grave title, is how my kids will like the neighborhood; whether they’ll find friends, be safe, or merely be entertained. I often consider what opportunities there are in the town for going out, whether there are parks, shopping centers, restaurants and bars that we would enjoy – those types of things. Or even if the town is sociable in general. Like, how do people get along when they are out and about. In short, Longmont answers all these questions amenably. My kids have enjoyed living in Longmont – the schools are great, they have strong friendships, and enjoy participating in many extra-curricular activities. The city itself is full of great businesses, restaurants, parks and open spaces — There’s really something for everyone. And the people are great! Hanging out at any one of the many events, festivals, or farmer’s markets will introduce you to the strong, friendly, diverse culture that is Longmont.

Longmont is also highly focused on keeping our communities close to open spaces, parks, and recreation areas. You won’t walk far, from any home, before you find a portion of the 1,500 acres of parks to play with your children and pets. Even though Coronavirus has shunted our normal operations, you can still feel the community when you pass down our streets. There are still kids playing, safely, in the parks, people riding bikes around town, and restaurants serving people on their patios. Longmont is very much alive.


Small Business Focused

One of the great things about Longmont is it’s focus on small business. Our downtown district is completely populated by locally owned and small businesses catering to a wide variety of services, cuisine, art, and activities. This intrinsically helps our community as well, keeping jobs and revenue local and creating spaces to get involved. The innovation in services and cuisine is spectacular, and it keeps a strong downtown culture thriving, even during a pandemic. Strength, pride, and determination have defined our businesses – that’s why we’re #Strongmont, if not a little #LoCo too. If you’re bringing your business to town, definitely check out rental spaces downtown. It’s a sure-fire way to establish yourself in the community.


Location Location Location

That’s right. Longmont is situated in one of the best locations in Colorado. We host stunning views of the Colorado Rockies and the Continental Divide, including the Flatirons in Boulder and Longs Peak, one of the closet 14’ers to the Colorado Front Range Metro Area. Boulder is only 20 minutes away, and Denver 40 minutes away – though you’ll hit the metro area much sooner than that. Fort Collins is about 40 minutes away to the north. Even though Longmont is growing fast, it still feels separated from the hubbub of Denver and the touristy feel of Boulder. If you’re looking for a quieter, slower, but thriving community that’s still close to everything, Longmont fits the bill!


Socio-Political Atmosphere & Demographics

Longmont has a fairly diverse population ideologically, ethnically, and socially. Over the past decades Longmont has moved from being a fairly conservative town to a well balanced town. This may be due in large part because of the high price of Boulder, and the rising prices of the Denver Metro Area. Oftentimes I hear people settle on Longmont because Boulder is too expensive and this is the next best option. With this influx from the suburbs, creating a more suburban feel to Longmont over the years, we’ve seen a balancing of socio-political ideas and a strengthening of our community because of it! You won’t find loud fights and disagreements. But you will find people like you!

It’s in Colorado!

What better reason do you need? Longmont is Colorado! It was one of the first major cities in the state. Since Longmont was a major stopping point on railroad lines and a producer of beet sugar it attracted many transplants from Chicago, in particular, and the east coast. The views from town are quintessentially Colorado, and it’s easy to feel that natural Colorado vibe when walking around. If you like hiking, tubing down a river, biking around town or in the foothills, hanging out at a brewery with your dog, enjoying a little cannabis in your backyard, or skiing in the winter then Longmont’s the place for you! That’s all easily accessible from here.


If you’re ready to start your house hunting in Longmont or the surrounding areas, including Loveland, Berthoud, Frederick, Firestone, Boulder, Lafayette . . . then get in touch with The Wise Team today. Let us know what you’re looking for, not just in a house but in a community, in a city at large! We know the area well. We love Longmont. You belong in Longmont!