Advice For Happier Home Flips

We often hear the adage to not date your coworker. When you choose to renovate your home or, thinking smaller, your bathroom or kitchen that choice is moot. Not every relationship is built to withstand the rigor of physical determination or mental thought on a single project over sustained amounts of time, and the increased stress can be overwhelming to a couple. Then again, you may find that your relationship is built for the trial and the growth will be much appreciated. But for the rest of us, here are some tips on how to survive a renovation so you can thrive in your new spaces!


Renovation Relationships Tip 1:

Plan A Timeline Together


First thing’s first: a timeline. If you’re working on a large renovation, start room by room and set priorities. Lump like projects together and build a rough list of requirements (i.e. contractors, rentals/hotels, permits; supplies like lumber, nails, windows, counters; etc.). When focusing on a single room, or smaller projects like building a shed and creating a garden, the timeline is a bit simpler. It may look like: Draw a plan, shop online, go to the store and browse, set up the area you want to work on, order supplies, demo, build, paint, clean up, etc. It’s important to set up your timeline, but you keep in mind things will shift around. Having hard-set dates for things adds another layer of stress to a project, but keeping them fluid can help the general flow.


Renovation Relationships Tip 2:

Establish Jobs


Once you have the timeline down and the list of needs in order establish what jobs each of you will manage. Working on every detail together creates decision fatigue, which leads to arguments. Assigning and agreeing to manage separate tasks will help move the project along smoothly. One person can contact contractors while the other prices materials. One person can make store runs while the other constructs walls or cabinets. Even though you may be in charge of different things, big decisions should still be made together. 


Renovation Relationships Tip 3:

Take Time Off


You may want to do the project as fast as possible, or even do it all yourself. If it’s a small project, go for it! But for the larger projects it’s important to take your time. Be patient. Take time off and get away. My recommendation for large interior projects is to do as much of the prep work yourselves and stay for the beginning of the contractor’s job. Then have the painting, finishing work, and staging (potentially) done by others while you take a week or two away to recuperate. Returning to your renovated space will feel exciting, and you won’t know exactly what the finished product will look like. Who doesn’t like surprises?! ((It’s ok if you don’t!))


Renovation Relationships Tip 4:

Know Your Codes


This is a big tip for before you start working on your renovation project: know the codes in your area. Pull the right permits and speak to the right people. While getting quotes from contractors, ask questions about the foreseeable problems. The more you know in advance, the better prepared you’ll be for the issues and new expenses that will arise.


Renovation Relationships Tip 5:

Set A Low Budget &  A High Budget


Plan your budget by shopping around. Look online for the materials you need, then go to the store, and talk to contractors and experts. Establish your first budget based on the numbers you’ve acquired for the project you plan. Then create another budget based on that number plus any foreseeable or unpredictable issues. One of the biggest expenses that always seems to add up is time and paying for labor. If both of these budgets work with your bank account or loan then you’re in the clear. Keep in mind that even your high budget might turn out to be a bit low if issues continue to arise.


Don’t let the project destroy the joy that inspired it in the beginning. Support each other, and the family through the renovation, no matter the size. Once you’ve created the new space, make sure to share it with family and friends, and The Wise Team! We love seeing how our community establishes their home. Find us on Facebook and Instagram!