The Best Snacks For Open Houses


The post-COVID real estate market looks very different from decades past. Open houses have a different feel to them – buyers look hurriedly while making decisions on the fly, hand sanitizers don counters, and there is typically no food to be found. The idea of sharing food among strangers has turned a lot of sellers off to snacks at open houses. This tradition should come back, especially as we watch interest rates rise and buyers drop out of the market. Adding this personal, “at home” feel to an open house can increase the number of offers you receive, and potentially increase the sales price with bids.

Here are some ways to bring food back to open houses with a focus on safety and deliciousness!

The Classics: Cookies, Brownies, & Baked Goods

Cookies have long been a staple at open houses. Freshly baked in the morning helps to make a property feel like home. The idea of having a plate full of cookies sitting around for countless fingers to touch might turn off prospective buyers from partaking in your baking. We recommend getting little cellophane baggies. You can do this with brownies and other baked goods like muffins, croissants, or candied nuts.


Something Different: Individual Nachos, Baked Chips, Festive Popcorn

If you want to serve something a little more savory try individual plates of nachos. You don’t have to make them too fancy, just chips, cheese, a pickled jalapeno and a few black olives is fancy enough. Or for a little healthier affair, bake your own chips! Get fresh summer zucchinis, eggplant, potatoes, carrots, kale, or other veggies, lightly cover with olive oil and bake until lightly crispy. Just make sure to thinly slice them all first and turn them over at least once. If that sounds like too much work, try festive popcorn. Add your favorite seasonings or candy to bags of popcorn to create a unique finger food. If you know how, caramel corn with chocolate is a favorite!


Something Fancier: Charcuterie, Skewers, Finger Sandwiches

Want to really step up your open house game? Try individually plated charcuteries with delicious cheeses, fruits, veggies and crackers. Another great idea is to serve skewers: fruit skewers, meat and cheese skewers, roasted veggie skewers, or dessert skewers. Both of these options allow for a wide variety of food to be present for everyone who comes through. If the potential buyers don’t like something available, there’s always something else to eat. If charcuterie plates and skewers sound like too much prep, try making finger sandwiches. Grab long hoagies and layer your sandwich fixings, then slice into manageable, finger sandwiches. 


Something to Drink: Water, Soda, Coffee/Tea

When you’re serving food at an open house, make sure to include drinks. Canned and pre-bottled beverages are the way to go. Grab some bottle water, sodas, canned coffee and bottle teas and put them in a bucket with ice. Be sure to include drinks for kids, in case they tag along to the open house. 


Regardless of what you decide to serve at your open house, make sure to check in with your realtor to find out how many people they expect to show up. This will help you determine how much to prepare. Remember, not everyone will partake in your offerings. To add extra precautionary measures, put out hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks to give your open house attendees a little more comfort while exploring their new home. 

Do you have a favorite open house dish that helps sell your property? Share your idea with us below in the comments, or join us on Facebook!