What To Expect When Traveling For The Holidays

In 2022


Traveling is usually stressful. One way to put off some of that stress is to know what to expect. Another is to know what you are getting! This holiday season is different from the past few years because more people are traveling, and airlines and airports are trying to keep up with the demand. Don’t worry though! The holidays are about togetherness, joy, love, and – for some – travel. Here are some things to expect this year while traveling for the holidays.

  1. Higher Prices

    The past few years saw prices and discounts run aplenty for airfare. Traveling had been greatly suppressed due to COVID and airlines were desperate for the quantity of travelers pre-pandemic. Now that restrictions are lifted we’re all ready to go traveling, but many things happened during the pandemic to make prices rise this year. Airlines and airports are struggling with fewer pilots, mechanics, and service workers. This is unfortunately slimming down flight options and pushing up costs as more and more of us decide to travel for the holidays. During the pandemic, many airlines increased their costs for carry-ons and checked luggage. And costs of food and amenities at the airport have gone up substantially. With all these extra costs and higher prices, traveling will probably be more expensive this year than in years past.

  2. Delays, Delays, Delays.

    With fewer flights available and a shortage of pilots, mechanics, and flight attendants, any issue can cause major delays. Whether it be a mechanical issue on the plane, weather events across the nation, or even an individual dealing with ailment, delays are almost expected this holiday season. Tales are coming in of travelers waiting and watching their flight get pushed back hours. Make sure you prepare for delays by bringing entertainment for you and your family: books, playing cards, power cords for your smartphones and other devices. Don’t forget snacks so you can save a little money while at the airport.

  3. More People

    This is the first holiday season with zero restrictions on flying and traveling within the United States. That means everyone wants to be traveling, especially if they haven’t seen family and friends for the holidays over the past two years. With more people traveling alongside you and your family, make sure you plan ahead. There may be long lines and waits at the check-in counter and at security. There may even be traffic on the way to the airport! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time, and bring entertainment in case of delays.

  4. Excited Faces

    You bet when you arrive at your destination you’re gonna see very excited, extremely happy people. Even while traveling you’ll see excitement around: children taking their first trip, hodophiles on their way, and decorations everywhere. With all the holiday cheer in the air, traveling should be fun. Try to let the stress melt away as you’re traveling.

  5. Appreciation Of Home


One thing we hope all of you feel this holiday as you travel is the appreciation of being home, with those you love, those who know you potentially better than anyone else. The warmth of love spread through smiles, food, and presents.


We wish you the best of holidays this year, whether you’re traveling or not. Take care of yourself, be safe and healthy, and spread all your holiday cheer this year!