Goals, Plans, Events

Going somewhere?

Plan those trips now. Make 2024 a year you won’t forget with the most memorable moments. Set up your trip to see the eclipse in April. Escape the summer heat by heading somewhere exotic. Book a long weekend in the mountains to see the aspen leaves change in the fall.  Reserve your cabin for next winter’s ski trip. Plan ahead and you’ll find some really great deals right now.

Planting a garden?

Get those seedlings going in late February and be ready to plant a healthy, full, and potentially blooming garden come May! It is also really nice having things grow in the middle winter, when Colorado is typically brown with the occasional blanket of snow.

Got a big event this year?

There’s no better time to finalize those plans than during the winter. Get those venues booked. Buy the tickets you’ve been waiting for. Get with all your family and friends and get them on board!


Home Improvements

Changing up your living space?

With spring just around the corner a lot of us feel inspired to make some changes in our lives. As the world comes alive, our dusty, musty, wintered homes can feel old, and sometimes spring cleaning just isn’t enough. Maybe you want to change your carpets, refurbish your living room, or update your window drapes. Now is the time to make those plans and a budget for updating your home.

Exterior projects to improve home valuation?

If you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, it may be time to take a look around your property to see if you have any exterior improvements you should consider. Take a look at your roof and gutters to make sure there isn’t any damage. Examine the paint, especially around the windows and corners of your home. If it’s starting to look faded, starting to peel or flake, or just doesn’t match the neighborhood, consider repainting your home. Make sure to take a close look at the trees surrounding your home; if branches are hanging over your roof you may want to have them removed.

Exterior projects tend to be more costly than interior home improvements, but their value (especially in this real estate market) are incalculable for homebuyers. First impressions, which means curb appeal, can be more valuable than fixing minutia around the house.

Buying or Selling

Buying a home in 2024?

Get ready for a hot market come the spring when sellers start listing their properties in competition with each other. Buyers will have a lot of negotiation power. Use this to your advantage. Remember to keep an eye on interest rates, secure your loan when the time is right, and keep your credit in check.

Selling a home in 2024?

Be prepared to wait, especially if your home is over the median sales price in your area. Remember that mortgage interest rates are high, home values are high, and there are fewer buyers in the market. Talk to your real estate agent about what negotiating tools you have to work with, like Buyers Rate Buydowns or covering closing costs. Before you put your home on the market, be sure to do a walkthrough of your own as if you were buying your house. As you walk through, make a list of  things that need to be fixed, repaired, or tidied-up before putting your property on the market.


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