The Denver Metro Area has certainly had a nice winter this year. By all accounts, it appears the rest of our winter is going to continue on as it started: drier, warmer, with a final burst of winter weather as spring approaches. What does this weather mean for our Spring and Summer? Let’s take a look at what others are predicting.

Colorado Spring 2024

With El Nino’s effects still lingering over the continental US, Colorado should have a warm, dry spring with the occasional big storm pulling moisture into the state from the Gulf of Mexico and the Pineapple Express. The Farmer’s Almanac predicts there may be cooler temperatures in the spring, with occasional snowstorms. It’s speculated by the National Weather Association that Colorado will follow normal seasonal temperatures, with the upper plains receiving more moisture throughout the spring. With our years of experience living in Colorado, and knowing the winter we’ve had, these predictions are probably right along the mark. Get ready for that one heavy, wet snow in late April, early May that breaks branches and kills all our blooming flowers.


Colorado Summer 2024

This year will probably be hot, dry, and sunny, if these trends continue. Most of the weather predictors concur on that account. There is hope that should El Nino stop this year, we could see more moisture pushing through Colorado, but that would have more of an effect on next winter than our upcoming summer. So make your summer plans now: plan some mountain excursions, days at the pool, or even a trip northward to escape the heat.

What do you think this year’s weather will be like? Hot and dry? Warm and wet? Hot with summer storms rolling through every day? Let us know in the comments below.