Warm Up On Winter Nights

Wise Tips For Winter


Winter in Colorado can give you some beautiful extremes. From cold winter mornings with fresh snow to warm summery afternoons driving with the windows down you can experience a myriad  of seasons in but a few days. One thing is certain, though: nights can be cold and dark, even as the days grow longer. Here are some Wise Tips for keeping your winter nights warm and welcoming!




Illuminating a room with gentle, flickering lights can help give the sense of warmth despite draughts and the darkness from outside. Creating a tabletop centerpiece or windowsill displays of candlelight will make any room feel more alive, bright, and welcoming. Make sure to follow proper candle safety guidelines or use high quality candles in jars. Fire is beautiful, but dangerous.


If you’re looking to create heat from candles, here’s a neat trick: Pick up a bag of tea-light candles and some terracotta planter pots with the matching water dishes (you’ll want 2 sizes, one to fit inside the other with a little space). Place a tea-light candle on the smaller of the 2 water dishes, and place that one atop the other dish. Light your candle. Place the smaller of the 2 terracotta planters upside down over the flame on the water dish. Do the same with the larger planter. You should see the flame through the drainage hole in the bottom. Over time, both planters will be heated by the single flame, which will burn slowly inside. This will radiate a small amount of heat for a bedroom or bathroom. 




Adding fragrance to your space is a great way to warm up a house. In Colorado, winter air is dry sucking the moisture from your skin and hair. By boiling water in a large stock pot with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg you’ll both add moisture to your house and trick your senses into feeling warmer. You can do this with mint, or any herbal blend. And if you want to turn this into tea, after steeping everything for a while strain the liquid and put it in the fridge for up to a week. Reheat and steep with your tea of choice – I recommend Darjeeling with the cinnamon spices.




Your eye can deceive you, so deceive your eyes and trick yourself into feeling warmer. Change up your window drapes in the winter to warmer, darker colors like auburn reds or golden browns. Perhaps your windows let in a little more cold than you wish. Get thicker drapes! One thing to remember, though, leave your south facing windows uncurtained during the day so the light can heat up your home naturally. 




I like to rearrange things in the house occasionally, and choosing to do this during big seasonal changes (like from autumn to winter when the temperature drops) helps refresh the house on a schedule. See from where your heat sources emanate and make sure your furniture is not obstructing anything. If it is, then it’s time to redecorate the living spaces. Let the heat flow!


Blankets & Throws


Nothing is better than cozying up in a warm blanket in front of your favorite movie with a glass of wine in hand. If you don’t have the comfy blanket or throw on your couch yet, it’s time to get one! And if you’re short on the wine, you might want to pick up some of that while you’re out as well. 




Nothing warms up a house like good company and laughter. Don’t spend all your days alone. Invite your loved ones over for a casual evening with conversation, laughter, and a home cooked meal. Don’t let loneliness draw the winter bitter cold into your home. 


Keep your spirits bright and your home light and warm. Stay connected with The Wise Team for more Wise Tips and real estate suggestions!