2022 Summer Excursions

Plan You Summer Early


Every year we ask ourselves, “What should we do this summer?” As part of our annual discussion, we make lists of new places to see and favorite places to revisit. Here are The Wise Team’s 2022 Summer Excursions. Hopefully we’ll get to all of them!

Local Longmont Favorites


  • Union Reservoir – Right to the east of Longmont is Union Reservoir. If you’re looking for a quick, easy drive to water, this is the place to go. Enjoy paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, or playing with your dog at the dog beach. With great views, boat rentals, and lots of beach, this is the perfect place to spend the day with family and friends. Take a picnic, some suntan lotion, music and time. You won’t regret it! 
  • Button Rock Preserve – To the west, just inside the first ridges of the Rocky Mountains, is Button Rock Preserve and Price Reservoir. This is a great place to go on a very easy hike, which takes you along a river to a mountain lake. Once you get to the top of the trail, which ends at the reservoir, you can walk around the lake for a bit of seclusion to really appreciate the Rocky Mountains. 
  • St. Vrain Greenway – The St. Vrain Greenway took years to finish, and now that it’s complete it offers an amazing recreational area for locals. The Greenway stretches a little over a mile, but the St. Vrain River is much longer than that. Take a trip down the river in your intertubes, fish its beautiful mountain water run-off, or have a picnic on one of its many manicured beach fronts. 


Denver Metro Must Sees


  • Red Rocks Amphitheater – One of the most iconic locations for Denver is the Rod Rocks Amphitheater, right on the doorsteps of the Rocky Mountains. This natural formation gives concert attendees, movie goers, and daytime hikers stunning views of the great plains & Denver, as well as beautiful rock formations.  
  • Denver Museums – Spend a day going between the Denver Museums. There are several amazing museums throughout the city. The Science & Nature Museum is a fun, interactive museum, great for the entire family. The Denver Art Museum, though it’s growing through growing pains, still offers breathtaking exhibits of art through the ages. The Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum reveals the history of the Lowery Air-Force Base’s operations from 1938 through 1994. Besides these key museums, there are several dozen smaller museums peppered throughout the Denver Metro Area! Go check them all out1 
  • Meow Wolf – If you haven’t heard about the Meow Wolf installation next to the Mile High Stadium, you need to take a look into it. This unique collection of interactive art is a one-of-a-kind experience! The Meow Wolf Denver installation takes you on an interstellar journey with hidden stories, games, and so much more! You can spend an hour or an entire day and still feel like there’s more to explore. Though it’s designed for all ages, we don’t recommend this for little ones.

Rocky Mountain Drives


  • Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park – One of our favorite drives is up to Estes Park and into the Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s definitely a day trip, so plan a picnic or lunch/dinner in Estes Park. Plan on seeing high mountain wildlife, lingering patches of snow, pristine mountain lakes, breathtaking mountain vistas, and many, many tourists from around the world. 
  • Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, Dillon – Take a day trip up to Summit County. Summers in Summit County are beautiful, with temperatures typically reaching the mid to high 70’s, plenty of sunshine, and lots of things to do. There’s water sports, hikes, horseback riding, shopping, and plenty of restaurants to try! The drive up I-70 is beautiful, with cute and unique mountain towns along the way. 
  • Garden of the Gods – South of Denver, just to the west of Colorado Springs, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is an awe-inspiring park called Garden of the Gods. The park is registered as a National Natural Landmark. Spend an afternoon roaming the stunning red rock formations that the whole family will enjoy. Make it a day trip and see the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and then grab dinner in Colorado Springs before heading home. 


Camping, Backpacking, & More


  • Dinosaur National Monument – On the far side of Colorado, in the little explored northwest corner of the state, is Dinosaur National Monument. Spend an afternoon at the dinosaur quarry and see fossils embedded in the rock. Hike around the vast park with over 800 paleontological sites. Spend a night under the stars where there’s minimal light pollution and see the Milky Way! Then stop by hot springs on your way to the Front Range in Glenwood Springs or Steamboat Springs. 
  • Ouray – Near the Four Corners Region in Southwest Colorado is Ouray, a beautiful town nestled up against the mountains and home to luxurious, fun, and family friendly hot springs. There are also amazing hikes, drives, and sites to see all around Ouray. This town is nicknamed the “Switzerland of America,” and when you drive into town, you’ll know why.
  • Maroon Bells – Deep in the heart of the Rockies are the Maroon Bells, nestled between Carbondale and Crested Butte. This is a spectacular area for day hikes, camping, or spending 3-4 days on trail in the wilderness. 


What are some of your favorite Colorado excursions? Let us know in the comments and join us as we continue to explore this amazing state!