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30 04, 2020

Is It Time To Transition From Full-Time To Part-Time Agent?


One of the most enticing aspects of choosing real estate as a career is the flexibility that it offers you. You can work as much or as little as you decide is right for you, and you can maintain those hours as long as they work for you. The hard part, [...]

Is It Time To Transition From Full-Time To Part-Time Agent?2020-05-01T20:53:58-06:00
29 04, 2020

Is Rent-To-Own Ever Worth It?


Rent-to-own agreements have a bad reputation in the real estate industry, but is it deserved? Well, it depends. There are many different kinds of rent-to-own agreements, and each one can be modified and customized for the tenant and the landlord. Many rent-to-own agreements overwhelmingly favor the would-be seller of the property, [...]

Is Rent-To-Own Ever Worth It?2020-05-01T20:58:58-06:00
28 04, 2020

Is testing the market a good idea?


Selling a house isn’t exactly like selling any other piece of property; there’s no reference book on how much a home should cost because home value depends on so many different factors that vary widely from residence to residence. For this reason, when many sellers are preparing to sell their house, [...]

Is testing the market a good idea?2020-05-01T21:02:50-06:00
27 04, 2020

Should You Host A Real Estate Seminar To Generate Leads?


When seeking new and different lead-generation strategies, you’ve probably come across the recommendation to host a real estate seminar for potential clients. It’s a common way for real estate agents to get their names and brands out into the community, meet possible buyers and sellers, and explain how a qualified agent [...]

Should You Host A Real Estate Seminar To Generate Leads?2020-05-01T22:04:32-06:00
26 04, 2020

Should You Support Charities As A Real Estate Agent?


There are two schools of thought when it comes to real estate agents publicly supporting charities. One school holds that this is a solid business strategy — it can help differentiate agents in crowded markets especially, and many clients like to feel good about helping good people accomplish good things. The [...]

Should You Support Charities As A Real Estate Agent?2020-05-01T22:14:54-06:00
31 03, 2020

15 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Real Estate Assistant


You may know that more productive, successful real estate agents have assistants to help them manage the minutiae of the business — but how do you know if you’re there, yet? The question of when to hire an assistant can be a daunting one for many agents, and quite a few [...]

15 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Real Estate Assistant2020-05-01T22:37:04-06:00
16 01, 2020

2019 Denver Metro Housing Market Recap


2019 was quite the year in the Denver Metro Real Estate Market – and we’re starting 2020 on the heels of a robust selling year with impressive inventory! Anyone house hunting in the Denver Metro area has experienced the Seller’s Market mentality pervading the housing prices. Even with rising prices houses [...]

2019 Denver Metro Housing Market Recap2020-05-21T18:09:49-06:00

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