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23 06, 2021

June 2021 Real Estate Market Review


Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review June 2021   Wow. Records are being broken all over the place. Housing prices continue to rise. Sales are happening faster than we can turn our heads, leaving month-end inventory at record lows. Sales volume in the Denver Metro Area has nearly doubled since last [...]

June 2021 Real Estate Market Review2021-08-23T11:15:41-06:00
15 06, 2021

Plan Your Summer BBQ


Summer came with a blast of heat across the nation, breaking records all over the place. This isn’t discouraging Coloradans from getting out there and planning their summer gatherings! The trails are packed. The mountain drives are filling up. But most importantly, friends and family are getting together again. It’s time [...]

Plan Your Summer BBQ2021-08-23T10:44:56-06:00
5 06, 2021

Getting Back Out Into Longmont


Restrictions are lifting. People are starting to go out, back into old routines with friends and family. Restaurants and businesses are looking to refill their staffs and establishments. Some areas fared better than others, but overall businesses need our patronage. We’ve been shopping online and minimizing going out, ordering in and [...]

Getting Back Out Into Longmont2021-08-23T10:40:13-06:00
30 05, 2021

Time To Plant Your Garden


Time To Plant Get Your Gardens Growing   Colorado is a hard state to start your garden in. Winter likes to sneak into spring, dumping snow and bringing colder temperatures than new plants can handle. The standard of Mother’s Day as a planting weekend doesn’t always hold in Colorado, which we [...]

Time To Plant Your Garden2021-07-20T16:42:10-06:00
16 05, 2021

May 2021 Denver Metro Real Estate Review


Denver Metro Real Estate Market Review May 2021   Hello May! With the warmer weather, vaccinations, and general confidence in 2021 it looks like homes are coming back to the market for sale. They're still flying like hot cakes! 20 days on MLS on average, with a median of 4 days [...]

May 2021 Denver Metro Real Estate Review2021-06-02T12:01:51-06:00
10 05, 2021

Summer Activities & Camps In The Front Range


Summer Fun For Your Kids & More   Looking for activities for your family this summer? The Wise Team has done some research and found a wide variety of summer camps, classes and activities for kids of all ages! We’ve linked their websites so you can check out the specifics yourselves. [...]

Summer Activities & Camps In The Front Range2021-06-06T14:42:55-06:00
30 04, 2021

April 2021 Real Estate Market Update


April 2021 Real Estate Market Update   Well 2021 is officially a seller’s market! If you have a property you want to sell, you’re looking at high selling prices and a buyers market that is hungry for options. We’re officially in the season when sellers typically rejoin the real estate market, [...]

April 2021 Real Estate Market Update2021-05-06T17:57:22-06:00
13 04, 2021

Support Local Businesses


Support Local Businesses   We’ve all been dealing with the menace of COVID for well over a year now. Local economies have convulsed under the pressure of our societal changes. Once stable icons in our communities closed their doors for good while hopeful start ups struggled through ever evolving regulations. Longmont, [...]

Support Local Businesses2021-05-06T17:49:15-06:00
3 04, 2021

Expecting the Unexpected


Expecting the Unexpected & Preparing For Them Homeownership comes with loads of responsibility, and we’re not just talking about bills, chores, and cooking. A home requires regular maintenance which, if you were renting, would be taken care of by property management. But with your house, you’re the manager. Unclogging the sink [...]

Expecting the Unexpected2021-05-06T17:53:44-06:00
26 03, 2021

March 2021 Denver Real Estate Market Review


Denver Real Estate Market Review March 2021   Denver is breaking records this year, but it’s not necessarily the right types of records we want to be breaking. Once again, the Denver Metro area has broken the record for month-end inventory numbers, an all-time low of 2,024 active listings to start [...]

March 2021 Denver Real Estate Market Review2021-05-06T17:45:22-06:00
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